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Is Buying Property With No Money Down Still Possible?

What is holding you back from owning your own home and paying less than rent each month?


Sleazy realtors?
High costs associated with lending?
Homes that don’t live up to expectations?

All these are a thing of the past because of the many Phoenix home buyers using the resources of companies such as Wholesale Property AZ, saving them time, money and all the stress that comes along with buying a home.
Take this property as an example – 3627 E Shaw Butte Drive, Phoenix. (click to see listing on

Not having to put down a deposit sounds like a dream to most people, and more buyers are doing it now.

It’s a lovely updated home with designer mid-century modern style, close to great eating, shopping, schools and has easy access to freeways. All the features most buyers want in a home but realtors aren’t showing it to you because they think you won’t qualify for lending, or it’s out of your price range. Well, what if you could afford a home like this because the seller has financing in place for zero or close to zero money down? Bad credit, no problem. The home seller is willing to work with you to get the financing you need.
This is just one example of many. Not having to put down a deposit sounds like a dream to most people, and buyers are doing now. Buying a home that is like new would be out of reach of many unless you wanted to live 30 miles away, but not anymore. You just have to know the right people and go through the right channels. Thankfully, Wholesale Property Arizona is here and they can help you with that.
Submit your details below to find out if you qualify for a first home owners grant, zero or low money down financing, or even a cheap under market value home that just needs some TLC. There is no obligation on you part, and we won’t hassle you to buy anything. However, we will put you on the path to low cost home ownership the easy way. Looking for no money down property? Try us and see!

Lucas Peczek

Lucas is a full time real estate investor originally from Australia, now calling Arizona home. He spends part of his time running NTIS Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency and the other part investing in and managing US based property for other non-US citizens. He occasionally puts his thoughts down on paper and writes blogs for various online sources on the subjects of real estate investing and online marketing.

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